The exploration of human interest and interaction is a major tenet of my process. My study and practice of the Buddhist teachings has led me to investigate these interactions through lenses of that which is selfless or that which is egotistical. In the work I am doing with my series on the notion of Peace Treaties, I investigate a meeting between the UN special counsel and the leaders of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the United States of America, and Russia. Since the commonality of all peace treaties is the agreement sought by those gathered, the paintings will feature Bodies grouped around each side of a long table. In both cases, the background will be a space engrossed by the color of the flag of the United Nations. Attention is placed on the Bodies' facial expressions, gesticulations, postures, and the chairs in which they sit, such that, these conglomerations of gesture-making are humanistic, eerie, and emergent from the substrate.

Copyright Michael Austin Haight (c) 2016