On view at Haight's space in the Miracle Mile, Los Angeles, this selection of work takes place where the mural at Human Condition left off. Included in this exhibition are new works on paper that begin the artist's exploration into the subject of "offering(s)." These works on paper serve as peliminary sketches for future large scale works.

As for the framed works, the artist's statement follows: "Artifacts of a mural that was once in the Intensive Care Unit of LA Metropolitan Medical Center, these hunks of wall ensconced in acrylic—as if stone from the Parthenon—serve as a reminder of the bodily particulate, the breath, and the anti-life enrobed within the hospital’s forty some years of paint. The medium that rests atop the painted drywall, a red coagulated dye, crystalline and desiccated, evokes not mass-media notions of blood-guts-and-gore, but scenes of anatomically-stylized bodies, their suffering relieved, and their flesh sparkling with light that surrounds. Here and there, are those, who run confusedly, and with great abandon from bodies above that reach out to as a means to help, offering peace, offering lovingkindness; serenity; a path to the realization of the cessation of suffering."

In the November 2016 issue of New York Magazine, Natalie Portman references these works in the cover story.

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