Artist Devin Lee Johnson being initiated into 'Group-a-Therapists' by David Festa and Michael Haight, May 2016.

Artist Devin Lee Johnson being initiated into 'Group-a-Therapists' by David Festa and Michael Haight, May 2016.


Michael Haight
A Kippenberger-Beuys Gallery
412 W Lexington Drive
Glendale, Ca 91203


Kippenberger-Beuys Gallery presents Artists David Festa, Michael Haight, Christy Roberts-Berkowitz, Vicki Tao, Lara Salmon, Devin Lee Johnson, Matt Zbrog, Whitney Hanlon, Mo El, and Van Jazmin as ‘Group-a-Therapists’
a One-Day Interactive Art Performance and Cinematic Recontextualization

Glendale, CA – Kippenberger-Beuys Gallery presents “Group-a-Therapists”, a one-day interactive performance event, held August 20, that delves into questions of truth and self actualization. During ‘Group-a-Therapists,’ audience members view or participate with mobile installations of artists-as-therapists. During the day-long event, artists in residence at this Kippenberger-Beuys Gallery, in Glendale, build towards the final crescendo of performance in the evening hours. Topics of artist performances include Inspirational Messaging, Spell Creation, Formatting of Opinon for Public Discourse, Natural Modes of Health, and Identity (re)Building. Each hour of ‘Group-a-Therapists’ allows for art viewing and interaction connected via themes of art therapy, self-improvement and the investigation of the universal-truth and self-truth. The gallery will be open for public viewing with artist(s) present 11:00am-11:00pm with interactive performances beginning at 11:00am and crescendoing at 8:00pm-10:00pm.

As a part of the lineage of #RabbitHoledtla, and #BeingPresentMafia, ‘Group-a-Therapists’ seeks to build internal dialogue within audience members as they begin to decipher the encompassing role of their existence. Each performance probes different questions forcing the viewer to reflect on their personal experience and their production of trust, while producing within their experience art, therapy, and/or meaninglessness. “Depending on the glare of the sun, will those who stare at art in the midday sun will have a far more illusory experience than those present in the night?” asks Haight. Anxiety, glee, fear, confusion, are only a few of the welcomed emotions by interactees, and participation is highly encouraged for each artist‘s workshop.

In A Kippenberger-Beuys Gallery’s previous collaborative performance exhibition, with artists Michael Haight and David Festa, #BeingPresentMafia, the two artists created a contextual platform for the audience, while the audience’s role involved creation on that platform. In this upcoming performance, ‘Group-a-Therapists,’ we see an encapsulating action in which Haight‘s, Festa’s, Roberts-Berkowitz’s, Tao’s, Salmon’s, Johnson’s, Zbrog’s, Hanlon’s, El’s, and Jazmin’s work all sits atop the platform. Each artists’ piece focuses on a different essential role within Therapy and Art’s creative communion; instruction, peace of mind, collaboration, critique/curation and small talk. A selection of the performances and interactions happening during open gallery hours include: #SpellLaboratories, #SuperstitiousAnimals, #CommunalSpirits, #TalkingBush, #GalleryGhost, #Podiums, #RefugeeNotes.

Gallery Hours: Aug 20, 2016, 11:00am - 11:00pm - Open Gallery hours with artist(s) present Performances run non-stop except during intermissions at 2pm-3pm and 6pm-7pm.


Copyright Michael Austin Haight (c) 2016