Vicki Tao

After receiving her bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan, Victoria Tao made her way to southern California to study illustration at the Art Center College of Design, and then attended Claremont Graduate University for her graduate degree. She spent most of her formative years in the midwestern portion of the United States and had a brief moment in the south. Victoria Tao explores the complex interplay between memories, personal narratives and the construction of self-identity based on memory-driven stories.  She uses collage and painting to depict the fragmentation of these memories, eventually combining into a whole picture to weave a fantastical story in non-linear fashion. For Group-A-Therapists, Tao presents: “Collective Spirit”. Based on the idea of the idea of a collective unconscious, participants for one day will bring and transfer the energy they carry into the smashing of fruit to create a collective wine ‘spirits’.  The wine will then be transported to her outhouse ceramic vessels to be sold as chachkies


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